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 Catalytic qualities 

to ensure that emissions of greenhouse gases are minimised

What it is used for

Examples of Cobalt

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Superior energy, power density and superior cycling ability

 Rechargeable Batteries 

Laptops,  mobile phones,

electric vehicles, renewable energy power stations and home storage

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Barrier to prevent electro-migration of copper



integrated circuits, magnetic recording

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Powerful applications

 Health Care 

Prosthesis, detecting tumours, Radiotherapy, medical equipment sterilisation

What makes it special

About Cobalt


The leading countries in global cobalt mine production are based in Africa. One of the main goals of the Cobalt Institute (CI) is to promote the responsible production and use of cobalt in all forms.


The metal is rarely used as a structural material in the pure form but almost always as an alloy or a component of another system. With a melting point of 1,493 C° it can be applied to other alloys


The physico-chemical properties of cobalt allow for a hard wearing, wear-resistant metal with unique valency properties. Cobalt is a shiny, grey, brittle metal with a close packed hexagonal (CPH) crystal structure at room temperature

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